SEO: 5 expert tips to improve your search engine positioning

Search engines are the best way to direct traffic on the network. We are used to using Google – or others, like Bing – to search for everything. And those are perfect opportunities if you want your audience to easily find your site. Through effective relationships with the search algorithms you attract more visitors!

But “being” on Google is not enough to achieve a great ranking in the results. You should use good SEO practices for this. SEO – Search Engine Optimization – means the optimization of Internet search engines.

There are several actions and strategies developed by experts to efficiently position your website. Want to discover some of them? Check out our tips!

1. Make good use of keywords

You must determine a series of keywords that are usually most typed by users. It would be ineffective to use those that no one seeks. To find the ones that will actually bring you the most visitors, analyze what the competition is using.

Which words or group of words are attracting more people to your competitor’s sites and yours? Use the Keyword Planner app to help you with this step of the SEO process.

2. Link internal content

Have a blog. There, you will always keep updated content that may interest your audience. When you link website content – products or services , for example – to these related content, you practice link juice . By inserting as many references as possible on a page, you will gain great authority over it on the website.

Another tip: try not to create links to menu pages, categories or other similar pages. Always try to use content that is very relevant in relation to the text!

3. Know excellent SEO text techniques

Search engines, when ranking websites , consider and display URLs, titles and meta descriptions in their results . Therefore, you must be very aware of these items in SEO practices . Make use of the keyword in all those components.

In titles, for example, it is more favorable if the keyword is at the very beginning. In a URL, be sure to separate all words using hyphens (the “dash”). In a meta description, briefly describe the content of the site, using a maximum of 156 characters.

4. Learn how to use heading tags

Heading tag is a system for titles and subtitles of texts to rank information on your website. The technique focuses on the search engines themselves, such as Google, and also their audience. It is a sequence of subtitles that will highlight fundamental data inserted in the texts.

It is possible to use heading tags (H) from H1 (which is usually the title of the text) to H6. But pay attention to some points: there should only be one H1 in a text; follow the numerical order of these inter titles, that is, after H1 there can only be one H2; if there are new subtitles within H2, use H3. And follow this model with possible H4, H5 or H6.

5. Know how to name images properly

You used the keyword in its title, URL and meta description . Use it also throughout the text, well distributed and in a coherent quantity. Then, it is very important that you also insert it in captions of the images present on the page.

You will make the naming of the images always using the hyphen separating words. When uploading to the site, be sure to insert a text alternative containing the keyword. In this way, these images will also be contributing to a good ranking in the searches for the keyword. SEO , then, also involves the images of your website Abdul Rimaaz!

There are a number of good SEO practices to be applied to optimize your presence in online searches. It seems difficult, but just follows these tips and use other tools, such as the applications that facilitate these routines. We can say that almost everyone is on the Internet. However, one of the things that will make the difference is to be seen before your competitor.

Published by Abdul Rimaaz

Abdul Rimaaz business consultant is trained to advise your marketing plan. It can advise, for example, improvements in terms of your company's Internet presence, position one of its brands or implement new strategies to win customers. Being a business consultant is not an easy task and I have thought to summarize, for this entry in Business United Kingdom.

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