3 things not to do in Google Ads campaigns

Despite all the facilities that digital technology provides, it can be difficult to develop a Google Adwords campaign and succeed. Even the professionals end up falling into the same mistakes, which hinders the results. It is possible to use Adwords, among other things, to target and increase website traffic, but perhaps the targeting is being done in the wrong way.

Anyway, there are no magic solutions. Everything requires professional dedication and effort. And a lot of knowledge to work with. There are more practical and economical solutions, but they will not be as useful if they are not worked out properly. It is necessary to avoid making mistakes to optimize the campaign and not to waste resources.

To help you, we have separated 3 things you should not do in Google Ads campaigns . Read on and understand better what to do!

1. Use only one keyword per ad group

Keywords often divide ads. In some cases, this can be advantageous, in others it is not. For example, the keyword “law firm” can share space with the keyword “accounting firm”. If your office also offers accounting services, this is a good thing. But let’s say you work only with Labor Law and, using this term as a keyword, is there a target for Criminal Law ads and other related topics?

The best method for Google Ads is to use the best-performing keywords and organize them in a specific way. This is called the “Unique Keyword Ad Group” (SKAGs). The trend is to achieve more accurate results, better cost per click and lower costs per conversion. When choosing keywords, you need to develop the ads within the group, with the respective words that you want to rank with. A general formula for ads is:

  • Title 1: presence of the keyword;
  • Title 2: characteristics and advantages;
  • Description: features and advantages + CTA;
  • URL display: presence of keywords.

2. Send readers to the wrong landing page

The landing page plays the most important role in driving conversion. After optimizing the ads so that they reach the top of the list, one can make the mistake of linking the ad to the generic homepage. Using a generic landing page ends up hindering conversions.

Every page should be designed as a conversion point. When the ad is clicked, where are users taken to? It is essential to develop a specific landing page for ads that target a single CTA or call to action .

3. Not tracking Google Ads conversions correctly

Consider that in your Google Ads campaign , you’re using Google Analytics to track metrics and see a spike in traffic after the campaign is launched. How to know if new traffic is converting or not. For this reason, it’s a good idea to develop tracking goals in Google Analytics.

This will help track the number of conversions on specific pages, which campaigns are working, at what point in the funnel consumers are giving up on buying. To create conversion tracking, go to “Admin”, “Account”, “Property”, “View”. In the preview column, look for “+ New Goal”, where you can determine the type of goal. According to the Digital Marketing Institute , some options for goal types are:

        Destination: HTML pages, such as the pages used to thank and confirmation screens after registering or downloading on the landing page;

        Event: user interactions (the consumer signs up for the newsletter, clicks on an ad, leaves a comment);

        Pages / screens: the number of pages viewed in a session;

        Duration: the minimum time that the user wants to remain on the site.

Avoiding mistakes is already a way to optimize your campaigns on Google Ads . If you make less mistakes, the number of hits increases, that is, the chances of your campaign being a success are much greater, do you agree?

Reading is always a way to learn more Abdul Rimaaz. And learning more about successful campaigns is great. Therefore, we suggest that you continue reading and see how to start investing in Google Ads!

Published by Abdul Rimaaz

Abdul Rimaaz business consultant is trained to advise your marketing plan. It can advise, for example, improvements in terms of your company's Internet presence, position one of its brands or implement new strategies to win customers. Being a business consultant is not an easy task and I have thought to summarize, for this entry in Business United Kingdom.

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