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Stopwords and SEO optimization: how they work

What are stopwords and what role they play in SEO.

Semantic analysis plays an important role in the model adopted by the Google search engine and it is equally important to know its logic for a good SEO optimization of the contents of a website. In a previous article on the semantic analysis related to SEO talked about the process of evaluating the topic linked to a chosen keyword, or better still the focus key: after having written a content and chosen the keyword, how much this is conceptually consistent with the single written content? and how much is it in relation to the topic of the site in general?

In a step for the calculation of the latent semantic index, I talked about the stemming process, an indispensable process in all linguistic (semantic) analysis algorithms to clean up a sentence from all those words that do not affect the construction of the concept you want to provide. with the phrase itself. Such words are called stopwords .

What Are Stopwords

As just mentioned, stopwords are all those words, generally adverbs and prepositions, which from the point of the semantic algorithm do not give any added value to the process of identifying the concept and are therefore excluded from the text being analyzed.

Doogle Use Stopwords?

Using a semantic analysis process, yes. But let’s remember that Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving and certainly the list of stopwords also varies. But not only that: some stopwords, in some cases, may not be considered as such if they are useful for identifying a concept.

Doing some research on the net, many refer to the stopwords lists provided by the site  , which also provides a list in Italian . However, it is useful to use stopwords wisely and make a small analysis on the usefulness or otherwise of their presence in keywords and metadescriptions.

How To Analyze And Use Stopwords In Seo Optimization

There are several articles online that deal with the use of stepwords in the SEO optimization phase; I would like to point out two interesting ones: one from the GoBloggingTips site , and another from the Yoast site , developer of one of the best WordPress CMS plugins for SEO optimization.

First of all, I would like to point out a little curiosity.

When we create a new article in WordPress, after writing the title, the slug is automatically created, i.e. the link that will refer to our article after publishing it.

The length of the slug tends to be as short as possible, between 5 and six words. Sometimes it is longer because the title is very long (and this is an SEO mistake not to be made). If we notice the slug it is composed of the words of the title purged of adverbs and some words. Let’s take this article you are reading as an example:

TITLE: Stopwords And SEO Optimization: How They Work.

SLUG:  / stopwords-seo-optimization-work /

As you can see, an “and” and the “how” are missing: these are stopwords.

In addition to following the logic of “filtering stopwords”, the rule of not using slugs longer than 5-6 words is also followed, as these are then truncated by Google in the semantic analysis phase (read my article on ranking factors , in which I talk about the length of the url )

Keywords analysis according to Stopwords

But let’s see how to analyze our keywords according to the stopwords. Following the advice of the two articles mentioned a few lines ago, it is essential to follow a few steps to carry out this analysis.

Choose the exact keyword or focus keyword (let’s call it key phrase): we do a Google search with it. So let’s use our focus key without stopwords and try to figure out if the search results are the same. For example:

The research carried out with “psychologist UK” and that carried out with “the psychologist in UK” give the same results, so the articles “lo” and “a” are stopwords.

If instead we search for “notebook”, we will have different results compared to “the notebook” which is a film. In this case the article is important and must be used with great care!

After identifying the focus key, we can understand whether or not to actually put the stopword (and choose the most sought-after variant) through google trend.

Understanding whether to use a keyword or a keyword phrase: shorter search queries are usually more popular (especially those without stopwords), even if the trend is changing.

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