Create a website or create a page on PagineGialle, what is better?

Is it better to have a website or a listing on PagineGialle? The ideal solution is to opt for both, even making them independently. Here are some things to consider

It doesn’t matter if you are starting a new business or if you want to (finally) start communicating on the web: feeling confused in front of the vastness of available tools is more than normal.

For example, if you have had a listing on PagineGialle for some time, you may be wondering if opening a website is also necessary. Or, if you don’t have one or the other, you may think you have to choose. The point is precisely this: there is no need to choose, because each has its strengths and specificities. Let’s find out together.

Why insert your business on PagineGialle

First of all, placing your business on PagineGialle is free . Secondly, PagineGialle is a powerful tool: millions of users search the site for what they once were looking for in the printed catalog. A truly vast audience, which millennials accustomed to doing online searches for the less young who remember the time when the Yellow Pages were the answer to every research question.

 It also helps improve your Google ranking and receive reviews (which, you know, are really valuable to a potential customer). If it works or not, then, you know in real time: just check the statistics through the data analysis platform , to know the number of clicks, phone calls and visits to the card.

Create your site on your own!

Why having a website is essential

The online presence, nowadays, is really essential . You cannot think of not being on the web, of not having a site or a social profile: online you find customers, you make sales, you increase brand awareness , regardless of which sector you operate in. So all the doubts (I will spend too much, word of mouth is enough for me, I don’t have time, I don’t know how to write well) vanish, in the face of the return that a well-made website can give.

Even if you already have your own page on PagineGialle, a website must be created. Or rather, it must be commissioned to a professional who really knows how to do his job. Why? Because users search on Google for the product / service they want to buy, to read the opinions of those who have already purchased it and to compare prices .

The website, just like the page on PagineGialle, serves to communicate that you exist . To provide users with useful data to contact you, to be found through the maps. But, unlike a classic card, it offers more information. It allows you to tell yourself, it strengthens your credibility (a goal that is also achieved with reviews, as long as they are positive).

It is not necessary to have an e-commerce, to be attractive in the eyes of the user. Also because not all products / services are ready to be sold online. A showcase site is like a customer service open 24/24 , 365 days a year, accessible from every corner of the planet. Constantly updating it with news, events but also with articles of general interest is well received by Google but also by the potential customer: if a company without a site is considered obsolete, a company with a site stopped months or years earlier is regarded as careless. In his own regard, but also in those of the client.

How to choose the web agency that’s right for you

If placing your business on PagineGialle is an easy task to do on your own, a website usually requires the intervention of a professional. So here it will be useful to know what questions to ask, to understand if the professional in front of you is right for you:

will the site be mobile-friendly ?

will you submit me different layouts to choose from?

Will the texts be written by an SEO copywriter?

will you report the site to search engines, creating a sitemap?

will you do a search for the keywords to use for my sector?

will you create a Google Analytics account to be able to monitor access to the site?

will you connect the site to social accounts, setting up a sharing system?

will you take care of the updates?

will you take care of the blog?

Once you have these answers, you will have a clear idea of ​​what the web agency will offer you. You will be able to test his competence, and understand if the professionals are right for you.

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