Healthcare Marketing: How to Delight the Patient

Marketing in the health area should be thought of with great caution, as it takes into account the credibility of the professional and service, which when an advertisement is very aggressive, can affect these fundamental points.

The idea of ​​using digital marketing tools in healthcare is to delight patients, so that they see the services through a humanized perspective and based on real benefits of the products and procedures adopted.

For a long time, the dissemination of the work of health professionals was carried out by the Referral Marketing , where those who were already patients indicated the service to other people who need assistance.

Today, we have technological tools that help publicize the office, build patient loyalty and relationships with potential clients.

But after all, how to use Health Marketing? Well, this is what you will learn in today’s article: practical ways to delight your patient.

Why invest in digital marketing in healthcare?

Health Marketing strategies are different from e-commerce areas, such as virtual stores, because you sell a product and service that involves lives, people who are in need of quality of life. You can even say that it is a little more difficult, since it is not just adding the product to the cart and it’s over.

For this reason, we cannot work with the idea of ​​just applying promotions, product offers and other ‘common’ sales strategies.

The health area often does not involve a low-cost view of services, but rather marketing that presents results, with access to reliable information and quality services.

Before applying strategies to advertise your business on the internet, think about your audience, what they would like to know about your clinic and the services that can bring solutions to the patient.

If you have an office specialized in eyebrow implantation , for example, a tip is to think about how the content could clarify doubts, with the benefits of the procedure, for what it is indicated and what the expected results are.

Therefore, to generate more results in the health area, it is necessary to use the best digital marketing tactics to attract clients and help your audience, finding your clinic as an option.

The important thing is to understand the doubts and needs of your audience and be able to help them find the best path for them, being you one of the options. With luck – and using the right techniques – you will be the one to help.

Be present on social networks

One of the dissemination channels adopted by many clinics and offices are social networks, which bring very satisfactory business results. It is interesting to investigate where your potential customers are, so as not to spend time and money in places they will not be online.

Each platform has resources that can contribute to its goals, helping to distribute content and interact more closely with its followers and possible patients.


The main means of dissemination on Instagram is through photos, videos and images, as this is a platform where images speak more than words.

However, when it comes to the profile of a health professional, some points must be observed, since these professionals must follow a code of ethics, which concerns advertising.

Instagram can be a great option to be present on social networks, because it is through it that you will be able to publicize procedures, educate the public and generate attractive content to nourish them. It is also nice that there are several forms of interaction, such as polls, questions and filters.

To facilitate management activities on the platform, professionals can invest in automation on Instagram with tools for scheduling publications, organizing ads and measuring results with actions in advertising.


Facebook is one of the largest virtual social networks in the world, so it is indispensable for your business.

Like Instagram, it offers several resources for publishing content and clarifying doubts, such as what is endometriosis , for profiles of gynecologist offices. Being a dynamic platform, it is possible to write posts with information and open for questions about the theme.

With a commercial profile for your clinic, you can interact with potential patients, bringing information, answering comments with doubts and circumventing negative results that may occur.

It is interesting that Facebook is also used for business valuation, as many people often search social networks for a company’s reputation. That is, keep the positive assessment that more people will trust your brand.


LinkedIn is a social network for professionals in all areas, so the language is more formal than that of other platforms.

An important point is that the network is aimed at finding partnerships, so it is more viable for the content to be informative for specific procedures, such as an ultrasound with intestinal preparation for the diagnosis of endometriosis, in a profile of gynecological clinic or laboratories specialized.

LinkedIn is about bringing interesting information about work and its surroundings, as well as seeking employees and new partnerships, as well as sharing professional experiences.

Create a visual identity with a website

Just as social networks are professional profile platforms for health professionals, a website has great relevance in terms of reliability. Social networks are good because people are always messing with some of them, but it is the website that gives any business a more professional look.

When people enter a website, they expect to find all the information that promotes the clinic, from information about the procedures, the acting professionals, treatments, resources used, price and payment methods.

With a well-represented visual identity on the platform, the user will have better navigation on the page, finding answers that make them want to hire the services.

Invest in a blog

After creating a website and commercial profiles on social media, it’s time to feed your blog, which is usually linked to your website.

The idea is to use the blog to delight patients, using relevant content that attracts and takes questions from users.

Segmented subjects like the types of baldness for a hair implant clinic website can be a very attractive niche theme, bringing clarity and security through valuable information, even because it is a very hot topic.

Abdul Rimaaz Digital marketing for the health area should be used strategically, focusing on resources and ways to improve the relationship with the patient and that adapt to their type of business.

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