Remarketing and Retargeting: what is the difference and how to exploit them

The terminology in the world of marketing can be difficult to interpret, but having a clear understanding of some concepts, such as those of retargeting and remarketing, will also be essential to understand the mechanisms of promotion, online and offline.

Here, then, is a guide that will allow you to know clearly the characteristics of these two promotion systems, and also the differences between them.

What is remarketing?

The first concept that we are going to deepen, even before identifying how to do remarketing and retargeting, concerns remarketing and its meaning.

In general, it can be said that remarketing consists in a form of advertising, and in particular in an advertising system that sees the use of new technologies and the internet.

Therefore, remarketing, first of all, will be carried out online, also using what are the tools, or remarketing tools, which can be used above all by those who are able to grasp all the characteristics and potentials.

This form of online advertising, however, has another peculiarity: it is aimed, in fact, at users based on what their previous actions will have been, those they have already carried out on the internet.

So the fact, for example, of having put a Like on Facebook can help those involved in remarketing to define a strategy for that type of user.

This strategy, in addition to allowing general advertising, will give the possibility to those who have a website to maintain the visibility of their brand even when the user has left the site.

What is retargeting?

In addition to remarketing we also have retargeting, the meaning of which must be analyzed in detail. With this word we want to refer to the use of advertising campaigns which, through the use of anonymous cookies, allow to track the navigation carried out by users within their website.

Therefore, with retargeting it will be possible to understand which paths are followed by users on a particular website, and also to intercept their tastes and preferences.

It is often noted that in Google, for example, retargeting and remarketing are used as synonyms, but there are differences between the two terminologies.

Retargeting for Google, therefore, could be similar to remarketing, but it is not.

Retargeting platforms are also used for this type of promotional activity, for example with the combination of prospecting and retargeting.

Remarketing vs retargeting: differences

At this point, therefore, we can see the differences between retargeting and remarketing.

Even if the two tools have the same goal, that is to involve potential customers and prevent them from concluding their transaction, we can identify a fundamental difference between retargeting and remarketing from the point of view of the tool used.

In fact, remarketing will mainly see the use of email in order not to lose your customer: a communication will be sent in which, for example, it will be indicated to the customer that his cart is waiting for him and that he should complete his purchase.

Retargeting, on the other hand, mostly uses advertisements. For example, this can be seen in the Facebook retargeting system in which ads dedicated to those with a certain preference will be offered.

How to do remarketing and retargeting: examples of success

Finally, to better learn how to do remarketing and retargeting, you can see some successful examples.

You can think of Expedia, which offers its users limited time offers for hotels and flights that they have already viewed.

Or the many examples of retargeting on Instagram, such as those of Ticket One, Intimissimi and Wish, which offer ads in the stories relating to objects already seen by the user during his last consultation of the corresponding website.

Contact us if you want help setting up your remarketing or retargeting campaigns.

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