How to create Google Adwords campaigns

Google Adwords is arguably the most popular advertising model among advertisers. When it comes to advertising on the internet, creating Adwords campaign is the first option that comes to the minds of most directors, managers and marketing consultants, however, working with the development of sponsored link campaigns is not that simple.

Creating a campaign on Google Adwords involves many actions that are extremely important, one of which is to analyze the competition of your business or your client.

In this article, I will present several actions that will show you how to create Adwords campaigns. Certainly, these actions will make a huge difference in performance and delivery of results and in the way of increasing sales over the internet .

How to create Adwords campaigns: 10 tips

1- Analyze the competition

Analyzing the competition is not always an easy task, however, this step is the basis of how to create a campaign on Google Adwords .

The diagnosis must be made very carefully, analyzing the direct and indirect competitors, in order not to miss anything unnoticed.

To analyze what your competitors are doing, you can enter the keywords that generate search for your service or product and find which companies are positioned in Google Adwords online advertising.

After doing a search for keywords, also analyze how each competitor works the text of your ad, by doing this you get an idea of ​​how to produce your company’s ad and also test during the campaign which ad draws the most attention , generates more clicks and conversions.

2- Keyword planner

The Google Adwords keyword planner will be your great ally when choosing the best keywords when creating Adwords campaigns.

The keyword you imagine will not always be the most searched by users in the search giant. Or even, you don’t have enough search volume to increase traffic and conversion on your site.

To access the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, click here!

The keyword planner will come up with a number of suggestions, which may not have even crossed your mind or were within initial planning. Therefore, he will be your right hand in the development of campaigns and you cannot leave this tool aside.

In addition to the keyword suggestions, the Keyword Planner will present the search volume, the average cost and also the competition for each keyword.

It is interesting to know that the keyword planner can also be used to help manage content for blogs , becoming an important presence tool at various points in a company’s marketing plan .

3- Plan your budget when creating Adwords campaign

For your campaign to be successful, you need to know how to properly plan the budget that your company will make available for online advertising ads.

Even with a low investment it is possible to create Adwords campaigns, however, you will have to choose your keywords very carefully, paying attention to even the smallest details.

The budget on Google Adwords is that it will keep your advertising on the air and available for users to click and get to know your product or service.

Analyzing the budget is crucial to the progress of your campaign, without this detailed analysis, you risk losing money and thus blaming Google Adwords for the poor performance with online advertising ads.

Tip: To make a monthly budget calculation, divide by 30 days, and you will reach the maximum amount to be paid per day, if the campaign is only for working days, divide by 22 days.

4- Choose a location and exhibition time

There is no way to do a Google Adwords campaign with good results without choosing a suitable display location.

There is no need to run a campaign throughout United Kingdom. However, if your company serves the whole of United Kingdom, it is important to make a specific announcement for each region and also prepare specific bids for each city or state.

Display times also need to be defined when creating Adwords campaigns. If your company only serves during business hours, you have no reason to leave the ad showing 24 hours, if that happens you still risk losing money invested.

When planning your campaign, you should pre-define the time and places for your ad to show, so you will avoid clicking on places and times that can cost you in your daily budget.

5- Define your strategies

The definition of a strategy is essential to achieve your expectations regarding your campaign, or at least, present the objectives and goals you want to achieve.

You should never create a Google Adwords campaign just for creating or having an ad on Google, just because your competitors do the same.

Design your campaign to increase your company’s revenue and turnover in a fully measurable way and thus have a significant return on investment.

Have a panoramic view of the market and have some questions, such as:

  • What is the purpose of your business with this campaign?
  • What is your target audience or persona? And what do they look for?
  • What paths should you take to achieve a satisfactory performance?
  • What are my competitors advertising?
  • What are my competitors offering?

You must have the answers to these questions at the tip of the tongue, so that you will be able to define your strategy well according to each campaign. I also prepared 3 tips that will help you in defining strategy. See below:

Do not use generic keywords, they tend to consume your investment a lot and will not increase your conversion rate.

Have Google Analytics as your ally and make the most of this tool.

Target, target, target. That’s right, have a focus and segmentation, so, in addition to the campaign getting more organized, it will be possible to measure the results in a more practical and objective way.

6- Types of CPC

There are 3 types of CPC that you need to understand when doing an Adwords campaign. CPC is the actual amount you will pay for each click that your ad will receive through a keyword.

Know now the 3 types of CPC:

  • Maximum CPC: This is the maximum amount that you (the advertiser) are willing to pay.
  • Average CPC: The value is a result of a sum of the average cost-per-click. Quick example: You have two ads, one cost 10 cents per click and the other 20 cents per click, the average amount that will be paid per click is 15 cents.
  • Real CPC: This is the actual amount to be paid for each click and may vary according to the advertisement displayed, as auctions are being held at all times.

7- How Google Adwords auctions work

Google Adwords auctions are a fair way to determine a competition within the concepts of online advertising, in this case, sponsored links.

So, be aware that Google does not randomly set the display of ads or divide these impressions, the ads are displayed according to their quality and also how much you are willing to pay for them to appear.

There is a peculiarity in Google Adwords, in addition to the defined CPC values. The quality score of an ad is taken into account for its display and to measure its relevance, this is a key element for your campaign’s ad to be displayed on Google.

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