9 AdWords Tips You Need To Know

Does your company already use Google Adwords in its online marketing strategy to accelerate the volume of traffic and increase the number of conversions and sales? How about some AdWords tips to do all of this with more assertiveness? Check out some Google AdWords tactics  for beginners who want to know a little more about the tool and also advertise on Google’s search network and partners.

9 AdWords Tips to Create the Best Campaign of Your Life

1- Define your objective

Before you start promoting your brand, products or services on Google AdWords, and other sponsored link tools, it is essential to define the real objectives of the action. Your goals can be:

  • make your brand better known
  • launch a new product or service
  • increase sales of a product or product category
  • win partnerships and investors

Among others.

It is also important to set goals for those goals. Many do not follow this AdWords tip and end up getting lost in their strategies. See 2 examples of possible goals:

  • increase product X sales by 25% in 3 months
  • get 20 monthly registrations on the site

To define the objectives, performance indicators and goals of the actions in AdWords, the company needs to understand its market , where it is and where it intends to reach .

Once you have your objective well defined, planning and executing the actions becomes much easier and more assertive, tending to generate much more rewarding results, especially if you follow our AdWords tips!

2- Optimize your Landing Page

When a user views and clicks on an ad, he does so because he found something that caught his attention, and wants to know more about it. The page to which the user will be redirected must correspond exactly to the ad clicked , as the user expects to find what he is looking for immediately, without having to navigate to other pages on the site and, if he does not find it immediately, will probably leave the site without performing the conversion.

The landing page is also an important factor used by AdWords to define the quality score of the ads . A good quality index results in lower cost per click and better positions in search results .

One of the AdWords tips here is to optimize the landing pages of your ads to be objective, complementing what was said in the ad, answering the user’s doubts and also encouraging the accomplishment of the expected action (purchase of a product, filling in a form, etc.). You can also create specific pages for your ads in order to fully optimize them to ensure a better user experience.

3- Learn about AdWords Advertising Policies

Before creating your first campaigns, take the time to study the AdWords Advertising Policies , so that you will prevent your ads from being disapproved and your account suspended.

4- Structuring the Account and Campaign

To keep your account organized, facilitate your optimizations and better explore your ads, structure your campaigns by themes and products. This way, you will have ad groups and keywords directly related to the ads, which will also improve your quality score and, consequently, your position.

When it comes to AdWords, tips never hurt, check out this example of structuring an account:

  • Campaign: create a campaign for each category of the website you want to advertise. Also create different campaigns for each targeting region.
  • Ad Group: Create an ad group for each product you want to advertise.
  • Ads: create 3 ad options, as an example, to identify which one performs better.

5- Target your campaigns wisely

There is no point in showing your ads to people who have no interest in the product or service you are offering, so it is necessary to analyze the forms of targeting available, using this resource wisely.

Do an advanced search on Google and see who your competitors are in your region and try to discover the keywords associated with them.

6- Add Ad Extensions

Knowing how to use ad extensions is a very important AdWords tip.

They provide additional information to the ad , making it more prominent on the search results page. In addition to increasing the visibility of your ads, extensions increase your clickthrough rate (CTR).

Use as many AdWords call extensions, locations, and everything in your ads as possible, see below for the main types of AdWords extensions:

AdWords Sitelinks Extension:

Add links to the ad, to direct the user to other important areas of the site.

AdWords Call Extension:

Allows people to click the button and call your business.

AdWords Location Extension:

Shows your business address and phone number to people in close proximity.

Callout Extension:

Allows you to add short phrases about your company.

AdWords Structured Snippet Extension:

Your ads can highlight specific aspects of your products and services.

7- Keywords: Less is More

When building your keyword list, keep it from being too long. A list with a maximum of 20 keywords is ideal .

This is another fundamental Adwords tip: Avoid using keywords with just one word (ex: sneakers). In addition to these words having a very high CPC, they will cause your ads to appear for irrelevant searches.

Working with a smaller list of keywords is ideal for starting a campaign, as you can analyze which ones are performing better and also add new words according to what users are searching for.

With that you will still find new keywords that are triggering your ad and add them to your campaign. That is, little by little you measure and if necessary increase your list of words.

8- Add Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are critical to the success of an AdWords campaign.

By using these keywords, you prevent your ads from appearing for searches using terms that you consider to be bad or irrelevant.

Example: if you are promoting indoor soccer shoes , you do not want your ad to appear for searches for running shoes or casual shoes , which completely differ from the advertised product.

ADWORDS TIP: To prevent this from happening, you can add running and casual words as negative keywords, and then your ads will no longer appear to search for those words.

9- Measure and Optimize

Follow the performance of your ads closely, because only then will you be able to find the weaknesses and opportunities, and then optimize your campaigns for better results.

Both Google AdWords and Google Analytics provide several reports that will help you track the performance of your campaigns and give you insights to optimize them.

But remember: Google AdWords campaigns are just one of many digital marketing actions you can use, there are several others, such as marketing automation, content marketing and even email marketing campaigns. Learn how to make a very comprehensive Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing plan!

So, did you like our AdWords tips? Still have any questions? Share your comment with us! Do you have any AdWords tips to tell us?

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