Effective digital marketing plan: 6 steps to ensure your company’s success

Every goal is more difficult to achieve when there is no plan – and this is even more true when it comes to a digital marketing plan .

The problem is that digital marketing can be difficult to understand and to put into practice. And this causes many companies to leave digital marketing afterwards, which affects their results and even their survival in the market.

Not focusing on digital marketing for your business is a big mistake. Especially since companies with a good digital marketing plan can even double their revenue per employee. They can also grow twice as much.

So it is important to have experts to develop an effective digital marketing plan. That is why we have listed below the six main steps that will help you achieve good results.

1) Stop looking at your website as an isolated piece of your communication

The first step is to understand that your company’s website is part of a marketing system. Building a successful website alone will not have a big impact on your business. But building a more effective digital marketing system does!

So start actively managing your site, set goals and track them regularly. Start with these metrics:


You can view your website’s traffic performance through Google Analyti . You can find this data through the item “active users”, in Audience, to monitor the number of visitors.


Traffic is just the beginning of that journey. But it is converting visitors to contacts that shows whether your site is actually attracting relevant traffic. Check this out through your email marketing system.


Conversion of contacts to customers confirms that your business has attracted the right traffic and contacts. This can be analyzed in your accounting or CRM system.

When your company has a healthy marketing system, you will find growth in all three of these metrics.

2) Find your “best customers” and direct them to the right offer

It is critical to build a marketing system that focuses on a group or groups of leads. This is a vital step in developing your digital marketing plan. And there are a number of ways to identify who your best customers are:


Group according to behaviors, demographics, company-specific information, psychology and geography. Also consider the average profitability of each segment.


Buyer Personas allow your company to deepen this identification, since through them it is possible to identify how they act, goals, skills and attitudes.

Life cycle stage

The customer lifecycle also helps with this task. A lead in the initial contact phase is just getting to know your products. A customer with whom you have been doing business for more than a year has different interests. Make sure your sales team is making the right offers at the right time.

3) Get the right people to find your business

Business growth through digital marketing is based on converting visitors into profitable customers.

Your website is a big factor in converting visitors. But it is necessary to create a traffic construction system to guarantee its evolution.

To connect with your potential customers, your company needs to be part of their world. And how to do that? Use paid advertising to your advantage:


About 98% of visitors to most sites do not convert . But retargeting allows you to recover contact with these visitors after they have left your site.

Social media

Maintaining and updating social networks contributes to building relationships with your potential leads and customers, increasing trust.

Advertising on social networks

You can take advantage of your updates on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to create business opportunities using even very lean funds – according to your objective at the moment.


Google’s business format allows your company to pay only when someone clicks on your ad, making it a less heavy and more assertive investment for your company.

Search results

This generation of organic traffic can be achieved without investments in media – but with a great effort in the production of relevant content.

You need to target keywords that are popular with your target audience and work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices .


A good email strategy continues to offer the best ROI for your company – as long as you build your list. They allow you to nurture leads , which can triple the growth of your business.

4) Make sure your customer makes the right decisions on your website

Now that you’ve brought people to your company’s website, it’s important to make sure they act the way you want in your digital environment.

Use simple and clear language. Give users what they expect. Make the next step obvious – with just a next step or a call to action .

5) Use the right technology

The market today offers a series of tools to monitor the most diverse stages of your digital marketing plan.

It is possible to find from free or low cost tools, relatively easy to be operated, that help to monitor how your business has grown.

6) Get expert support

Digital marketing is constantly evolving and updating. So it is important to have a good Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing agency to ensure that your marketing system has the right expectations.

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Abdul Rimaaz business consultant is trained to advise your marketing plan. It can advise, for example, improvements in terms of your company's Internet presence, position one of its brands or implement new strategies to win customers. Being a business consultant is not an easy task and I have thought to summarize, for this entry in Business United Kingdom.

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