5 tips to optimize your Adwords campaign and your sales

Investing in Google Adwords is one of the most important steps within an inbound marketing campaign .

If you don’t know Google’s sponsored links tool yet, we’ll explain briefly: Google AdWords is an application aimed at online advertising on search pages, on the network of partner sites or with content relevant to your campaign and the services provided by Google.

These are “sponsored ads” that you have certainly seen on the side of your Gmail, at the top of searches performed on Google and on the banners of some website after looking for more information about a product or service.

In fact, this is the main advantage of investing in strategy: your company defines exactly which audience it will advertise to.

This also ensures that your money is directed only to potential leads, who are really looking for your brand’s products and services.

Best of all, your business only pays when people click on your ad – which greatly expands your conversion opportunities.

To ensure that this conversion is as profitable as possible for your company, check out five tips to optimize your Adwords investments now:

1) Have a realistic expectation about your Adwords campaign

There is no free lunch : the short-term results obtained in marketing via Adwords are proportional to the amount of money invested.

This means that shy budgets will not make your company among the ads on the front pages overnight.

When distributing the budget, reserve the best bids for higher quality keywords. And also follow the Return on Investment Index (ROI) to measure the profit obtained with each share.

2) Sort the keywords according to the matches

When planning your company’s Adwords campaign, carefully and correctly classify keywords within the correspondence offered by Google.

This will ensure that your ads impact only people who are looking for your specific campaign terms.

The advantage of this strategy is the segmentation of the public, which will increase the conversion rate and impression of your ad, in addition to optimizing the amount invested.

3) Use different Ad Groups when you have a lot of keywords

Ideally, each ad group should have a maximum of 20 keywords, organized according to the corresponding themes. This ensures that the search for your leads is aligned with your ads.

4) Actively monitor Adwords conversion tracking

Google Adwords advertisers have a tool that allows them to track the progress of their goals and conversions. You can both know which keywords are bringing you the most return and the number of leads your ads have generated.

This monitoring also allows you to adjust the campaign while it is running, increasing the chance of your company reaching or exceeding the averages within the period.

5) Integrate your Google Adwords with Analytics

Instruct your marketing team to integrate and import your Analytics account goals into your Adwords account. This will allow you to track the origins of visits to your website and the impacts of your paid ad campaigns (SEM, Search Engine Marketing).

And also the level of progress of users brought via Google Adwords through your sales funnel – and to make adjustments at any time.

Now you know the main tips to optimize your company’s campaign and can follow closely all the results that will come from this investment.

Posted By: Abdul Rimaaz

Published by Abdul Rimaaz

Abdul Rimaaz business consultant is trained to advise your marketing plan. It can advise, for example, improvements in terms of your company's Internet presence, position one of its brands or implement new strategies to win customers. Being a business consultant is not an easy task and I have thought to summarize, for this entry in Business United Kingdom.

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