Every year, when February 14 approaches , all lovers are in turmoil because they don’t know what to give to their partner. There are a series of gifts that are practically donated: but what could be done to try to be more original? To find a way to amaze your sweetheart, what is it that you could give away? Read on if you want help!

If you have come this far, you will be looking for  what to give  to your him or her on Valentine’s Day . In this article we will try to show you which could be the most popular gifts for this Valentine’s Day.


In the first place it would be useful to know the origin of this particular festival. The origin in question is certainly very unique. In fact, it is linked to the fact that the Catholic Church had had the idea of ​​Christianizing a very ancient pagan rite, that linked to fertility: the ancient Romans already celebrated, if we can say so, February as a month of rebirth. Essentially, the precursor fathers of the Catholic Church decided to put an end to pagan rites related to the immortal Lupercus and replace it with St. Valentine: we are talking about 496 AD It was Pope Gelasius who canceled this pagan holiday and instituted the festival we know today. .

As for the origins, however, of the saint himself, he was born in Terni in 176 AD and died in Rome in 273. He is a martyred Roman bishop: according to what we read, the latter dedicated his life to the Christian community and to the city of Terni, where at the time there were many violent persecutions against Christians.

But why patron of lovers? Legend has it that St. Valentine was the first religious to celebrate the union between a pagan legionary and a Christian woman. But according to others, however, it seems that the association with love and lovers would be subsequent, and it would be due to Geoffrey Chaucer who in a poem spoke of mid-February as the time of year in which animals mated.


But let’s get to us. Here are some ideas you can use to make a welcome gift to your partner on this particular day.


There is no doubt that a nice romantic dinner is always a much appreciated gift. But the ideal would be, to surprise your partner, prepare a romantic dinner with your own hands, without going to the restaurant. A lovingly prepared dinner is a truly ideal gift to show the love you feel for a person. As for the culinary ideas, there is really a wide choice: just follow the tastes of your sweetheart!


It may seem trivial, but it is not at all. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is something any woman is sure to appreciate! This is why you can choose floral varieties that you know will be appreciated, or give a beautiful and very elegant plant to display on a beautiful shelf. What is certain is that the choice must always be made with the heart and must certainly be combined with a nice note.


An equally nice and original idea can be to prepare something personalized. For example, a personalized mobile phone cover , which perhaps portrays the two of you in a particular moment, on a unique occasion. A special way to always have your sweet half under your eyes. But also personalized stickers : if framed photos are trivial enough now, seeing a photo on stickers, which you can stick wherever you want, is a very original idea.


Whether it is a man or a woman, a small jewel is always appreciated. there is no need to spend large sums, just something original that can please our partner: you can also opt for a personalized pendant or bracelet.


Then there is a gift that is enjoying great success. This is a surprise box. In fact, it is made up of many other boxes that open in succession, like a matryoshka, and allow you to get to a central box where we can store a small gift. It is entirely customizable, for example with photos and stickers.


Another super original idea is certainly to give a wooden work engraved with the pyrography tool . You can have practically anything engraved: there are wooden hearts, with the names of both which is really very impressive! Prices aren’t even that high, but appreciation is certain.


Among the things that can be customized, cushions are certainly the most popular objects. You can have a photo printed in pairs, or a sentence: the choice is really wide, both in terms of the subject to be printed and the shape of the pillow. For example, the heart-shaped pillow is really original!

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