How Will The First Valentine’s Day Be With Covid-19?

How Will The First Valentine’s Day Be With Covid-19?

2021 will be the first Valentine’s Day in full Covid-19 era. Last year, in fact, the feast of lovers was practically ‘saved’ at the last minute since the virus was not as virulent and offensive as it has been over the years.

Yes, but what does it actually change?


We used the term ‘risk’ but, except for hotel nights with dinner included, there will probably be no opportunity to go to a classic restaurant. So, to be honest, the restaurants that open in the evening are likely to be very, very remote.

Moreover, it was not done during the Christmas period, let alone on Valentine’s Day. However, this does not mean that some entrepreneurs can ‘invent’ something and still be able to make the evening unique for couples.

In addition to the dinner at the hotel, there may be an increase in the dinner prepared directly at home or sent home. We meet at the home of one of the two partners and order what we would have eaten on February 14 if this pandemic did not happen.

Even watching a good movie.


Valentine’s Day gifts . A nice mange. Oh yes, because maybe if you spend too little your partner could get annoyed. If you spend too much, you could put him in trouble because he doesn’t have the same economic possibilities.

Or maybe you took a gift that you didn’t like and messed it up. So what to do? First of all, bad news: with Covid-19, from this point of view, the situation has worsened.

Because the strong limitations due to the pandemic actually exclude so many opportunities and possibilities that you could have had. First of all, travel.

Yes, because if once you could give your dream holiday in complete tranquility, this year it won’t be like that. Because you must, first of all, understand when you have time to cancel and if there is a refund.

In addition to monitoring the situation day by day. The same goes for the experiences: no concerts, no restaurant dinners, no SPA or anything else. The circle, therefore, narrows considerably and the choices that can be made to surprise are very few.

A few examples? You could give a piece of jewelry or something she needs. Unless, however, you can agree with the restaurant and redeem the voucher or coupon whenever you want.

But this depends on various factors.


This could be a positive and negative side effect at the same time. With the restaurants closed, in fact, there may be much less traffic than usual. And, indeed, there is a ‘risk’ of finding the free way.

Especially if the curfew of 10pm is likely to be maintained. At the most, therefore, there will be only the last minute race for the latecomers. For those who work the night shift this is a good news.

Of course, the sadness, however, of a city that is ghostly in the evening, even if we see it practically every day, is always terrible. Hoping that the virality of the coronavirus pandemic will end as soon as possible.

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