Ideas for promoting an Instagram page effectively

There are several strategies to attract new potential customers on Instagram: find out what are the best tips on how to promote an Instagram page and how to increase visits to your profile.

The great popularity acquired by Instagram in recent years has imposed this social network as one of the main channels where you can promote your business and thus increase the audience of potential customers.

From the choice of content to be published to the definition of how to interact with users (potential customers), there are many ways to promote your Instagram page and increase visits to your profile on the social network.

This specific guide aims to clarify how to promote an Instagram page effectively , listing the best strategies and the most suitable tools to succeed in this intent.

  • Why promote your business on Instagram
  • The best tips on how to promote an Instagram page
  • Keep your profile information up to date
  • Create quality photos and videos
  • Connect with customers both online and offline
  • Share Stories on Instagram showing the brand personality
  • Create Instagram ads

Why promote your business on Instagram

Before understanding how it is possible to increase visits to the Instagram page, it is appropriate to understand why in recent years it has become so important, if not essential for certain commercial sectors, to promote one’s business within the social network currently owned by Mark Zuckerberg.

Instagram is commonly known among users and professionals as ” the social network of images “, be they photos or videos. For some specific business areas in which the visual image of the products is absolutely central, such as the fashion or food sectors (but not only), this particular platform is therefore very useful and profitable as a promotion channel. .

The official Instagram numbers, however, require any company in any sector to carefully evaluate the opportunity to promote their business and earn on Mark Zuckerberg’s platform.

According to internal data released by the social network, as of June 2018, over 1 billion Instagram accounts were active every month. Also according to internal Instagram data, but this time disclosed in October 2019, 90% of accounts follow (or rather, followed) a company on Instagram.

Already in 2017, according to the official data released by the platform, 25 million companies reached their customers through Instagram. The social network proves to be a privileged showcase, especially for small businesses: in 2019 Facebook IQ (the Facebook portal specifically dedicated to data and research) revealed that 84% of people on Instagram tend to buy more from small businesses.

That’s not all: the explosion of the Instagram Stories phenomenon has allowed companies to reduce distances with customers even in the online world, offering the possibility of conveying a more creative and immediate type of communication and promoting a communication exchange more oriented towards bidirectionality .

As early as June 2017, according to internal data released by Instagram, one third of the most viewed Stories came from companies. As of January 2019, again according to the official data of the platform, there were over 500 million accounts that used Instagram Stories every day.

The audience of potential customers on Instagram, therefore, is very large and knowing how to intercept them effectively becomes essential to achieve success with your business. Let’s see together how to do it now.

The best tips on how to promote an Instagram page

To indicate the best tips and the most effective resources for those who want to create a company profile that can arouse the curiosity of users and thus increase the visits of potential customers is Instagram itself. Specifically, there are five tips provided by the platform to those who do not yet have clear ideas on how to promote an Instagram page effectively and profitably. Let’s explore them together.

Keep your profile information up to date

To increase the impact of your Instagram profile on users and stimulate the curiosity of potential customers, it is first of all necessary to always keep the information contained in the space reserved for the biography updated . This, in fact, is the section in which the company has the opportunity to catch the eye of the potential customer by telling something in particular about itself.

A good trick is to already include in this “virtual business card” the sales and gifts that you are able to offer to customers or the references to online and offline events organized by the company. The inclusion in the biography of a link that leads to the company website allows the most curious users to learn more about the history of the company and its products / services with a simple click.

Speaking of the “biography” space present in each profile on Instagram, it is impossible not to add a reference to the fact that, starting from 2017, the introduction of the ” Featured content of the Stories ” in the profile section below this section has made it possible for companies to show the best sides of their personality in an even more visible and organized way.

Through this particular feature, in fact, you can highlight certain Stories in your virtual business card, to which you can give a name and a cover, and thus show the strengths of the company and other specific aspects that can immediately capture. the attention of users, from the “behind the scenes” of the company to the presentation of a specific product or a specific collection.

Create quality photos and videos

We have already taken into account the fact that Instagram is universally known as “the social network of images”. However, this does not automatically mean that any image published on the social network has an immediate and systematic response.

To be effective, that is, able to attract the attention of users and push them to interact with the brand by increasing the rate of social engagement , it is in fact necessary that the photographs and videos are of excellent quality and with natural lighting that highlights the product / service, without altering its characteristics.

Connect with customers both online and offline

The online interactions between company and user are only one aspect of the more general question regarding the relationship between brand and customer . Instagram, in this regard, suggests encouraging customers to tag the brand in their posts published on the platform, so that more people can see who uses the company’s products / services and also how the same company products / services behave in the full of action.

The use of hashtags and geolocation with the place tag within the posts are further expedients to increase the visibility of the brand and intercept new potential customers within the platform.

Share Stories on Instagram showing the brand personality

We have already had the opportunity to mention the explosion of the Stories phenomenon on Instagram and the importance of the “Stories Highlighted Content” to highlight certain aspects of the company. Now is the time to analyze in more detail how Instagram Stories can be used to give greater visibility to the personality of the brand and thus attract new customers.

In terms of content, the fact that the Stories remain visible only for 24 hours (“Featured content” apart) makes this format particularly suitable for promoting promotions and discounts limited in time or for sharing exclusive previews and the “behind the scenes ”of the launches of new products and services.

The many creative tools available to those who use Instagram Stories, such as filters, stickers and surveys, then allow to convey a more informal (and even more bidirectional) mode of communication through the Stories, further approaching the customer and brand and giving the possibility to forge a more direct and solid bond.

Create Instagram ads

All the suggestions on how to promote an Instagram page listed above refer to an “organic” promotion method, without any advertising investment. The fifth and final tip, however, introduces the world of Instagram ads .

To promote a post on Instagram, you can select the desired content and click on the “Promote” button under the post image. At that point it is possible to select the objective “ Increase visits to profile or website ” and set the audience you want to reach, the budget you intend to spend and the duration chosen for the promotion. Once you have entered everything, to complete the procedure just click on “Next” and then on “Promote”.

Instagram examines each promotion to verify that the advertising legislation is respected. This usually takes about 60 minutes to complete.

There are many formats that the social network makes available to those who want to understand how to promote a company’s Instagram page effectively, ranging from Carousel format to harvest size .

In this regard, it should be noted that it is also possible to promote Instagram Stories ads , which are able to integrate photos and videos and guarantee an even more immersive experience for users thanks to the vertical format that makes the most of the screen of mobile devices. . This particular type is highly appreciated by companies all over the world: according to internal Facebook data, in January 2020 there were 4 million companies that used ads in the Stories every month.

Another way to intercept new potential customers on Instagram and increase visits to your profile is to use the Ads in Explore , that is, within that section to which social network users usually access to discover new content and connect with creators and companies randomly (albeit personalized).

In this way, in fact, it is possible to intercept people already predisposed to discover something new, develop more meaningful connections and, therefore, promote an Instagram page in an even more effective and profitable way.

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