How to find new customers for home businesses

To be competitive in their business, companies and professionals must necessarily seek innovative strategies on how to find new customers. If you have a business in the home sector, here are the tools that can be right for you.

Finding customers online is a must, because the web is increasingly the virtual place where people look for products, services, answers and ideas. But how to intercept, in that indistinct multitude of users, the potential customers of your company? Find out how social media, online advertising and local directories can help you achieve this.

  • How to find new customers: local directories
  • How to acquire new customers with online quotes
  • How to find new potential customers: be social
  • Online advertising for professionals and artisans

How to find new customers: local directories

Local directories, or company directories 2.0 , are an essential tool for any commercial and manufacturing company, as well as for the activities of the home sector (plumbers, carpenters, electricians, locksmiths, architects etc …) to have an effective online presence . They are organized like portals, within which the user finds companies and professionals sorted by sector and geographical area.

Local directories add up the strengths of a site and a social network, with the added value of maximizing Local SEO , allowing you to better position yourself in relation to the search for geolocated users. It is worth remembering that coming out in prominent positions in the SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ), when a user uses the search key “professional category + place”, can be more complicated with a website. While the local directories, such as those of manage to be decidedly performing.

For all these reasons it is important to follow some rules, which will allow you to make the most of the potential offered by this tool. Correctly entering company name, address and contact information is the first step to be found by new customers . Let’s see how to create an information sheet in the directory, complete and optimized:

Contact data / information : password ” accuracy “. The company name and business name must be listed in each directory identically and without variation. The same precision must be reserved for the address, provided with a house number and postcode where required. After entering the identification data, you will have to fill in the fields relating to how customers can contact you (mobile phone, landline number, email, WhatsApp) and when they can do so, i.e. the opening hours of the business and availability in service.

Category / Products and services : in this case the password is “ detail ”. You will be asked to choose a category that identifies the working sector and then it will be up to you to describe which products and services are offered.

Media : the most user friendly directories allow the business to complete the card with photos and videos, two very effective means to attract the eye of users and to obtain a good ranking.

Reviews : this is one of the sections that brings the local directory closest to a social network. It is here, in fact, that users can express their opinion and implement active and bilateral communication. Checking the reviews will not only help you understand how to improve your service, but it will allow you to increase your online reputation. A factor not to be underestimated, given that as many as 84% ​​of consumers trust online reviews just as much as the advice of the circle of close and close people.

How to acquire new customers with online quotes

For some business areas, the online quote service is becoming a pressing need. We refer in particular, but not only, to the professions and works related to the home sector, such as construction companies for the renovation of apartments or roof renovations, the activities of installing doors and windows and armored locks, professionals for interior decoration. , companies for electrical systems, companies for humidifiers and dehumidifiers etc.

The reason is soon said, thanks to tax incentives such as the Sisma bonus , the Ecobonus and the Super Bonus , users are motivated to look for professionals and companies able to carry out improvements on their home. Not to mention that, even for ordinary maintenance, the buildings periodically require qualified interventions.

For businesses operating in the industry, giving people the ability to request free quotes online is a way to broaden their customer base and thereby increase their revenue. Here are some numbers in support of how the phenomenon of platforms that match supply and demand is growing: more than one million users per month visit the specialized site and over 100,000 users decide to send a request for a quote to specialized professionals present on the platform.

Let’s see in practice how it works: Mr. Mario from Monza is looking for a company to replace the bathroom fixtures and decides to use the service . He will fill in the fields without obligation with his own data and with the object of the desired service, after which the software – based on the geographical position and the relevance of the job category – will send his request to 5 registered companies. They will receive a message, via email or SMS , which will notify them of the new request. By sending the quote, Mr. Mario will be given the opportunity to evaluate his service and offer, increasing the opportunities for revenue.

How to find new potential customers: be social

Being social for small and medium-sized companies, as well as for freelancers and artisans, means attending the various platforms with the aim of engaging the target audience . In practice, the initial goal is to be able to create an involvement of those users who – by necessity, or by choice – may have an interest in following you.

Depending on your sector of reference, the chances of getting ” likes “, comments and shares in an organic way – that is, without activating a promotional campaign – are commensurate with the following factors:

Choice of the social network: the publication of contents must be studied according to the type of medium used, this means that sharing the same posts on different social networks will not bring any useful results. Furthermore, the reference sector will significantly influence the choice of the medium on which to focus more. It is clear, for example, that an architect on Instagram has a better chance of intercepting their audience than on Twitter.

Quality of contents : photos, videos, texts must have characteristics of high quality, uniqueness and usefulness. Present your followers with photos of impact related to the work done; write texts that respond to the most frequent requests of people who follow the sector; be original by alternating serious content with others that are lighter and more informal, without ever lacking professionalism.

Publication consistency : we refer to temporal consistency and substantial relevance. Having a regular frequency in publishing and publishing content relevant to the reference area, create your niche and retain it, helping you to grow your authority as an industry leader.

What will you get by managing to create a high-performance business Facebook page and a professional Instagram account? The increase in the fanbase in the first place and then the possibility of acquiring a database of potential customers , all profitable and useful for subsequent data driven campaigns . As you can see, these are basic tools to optimize the chances of success of any digital marketing action you decide to undertake.

Online advertising for professionals and artisans

To find new customers online, you should also consider investing in a paid advertising promotion . Google and Facebook are the two giants of the sector, to be used alternatively, or in synergy depending on the objectives of the campaign, the sales funnel model to be adopted, the methods of research on the Internet of the target audience, the budget available.

Generally speaking, Facebook Ads has targeting filters as its strong point, which allow you to accurately segment the audience based on geographic location, age, gender, purchasing behavior on food and drink, health and beauty, services etc. You can also create custom audiences by selecting specific followers, or by importing your database of telephone / email contacts on the platform.

Google has also diversified its offer, thinking of small and medium-sized businesses and creating Smart Campaigns , intelligent campaigns, which allow you to automatically promote ads. The target audience is reached by adding the words that identify the services offered in the “ Keyword Themes ” section . When a user makes a related query, Google will show your ad.

Staying within the services offered by the Mountain View giant, for small businesses we also point out the possibility of sponsored pins on Google Maps , used – according to Big G statistics – by more than 1 billion people a month not only for directions, but also for information on commercial and service activities.

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