5 Tips to Improve the B2B Customer Experience

The current market has numerous options for each product and service, which has made the ability to offer a good B2B customer experience an important competitive advantage in business.

This new scenario is largely the result of the continuous search for digital maturity that effectively redefined the priorities for companies. However, optimizing the B2B customer experience in a way that attracts audiences and establishes loyalty can be hard work – requiring brands to truly understand their customers, their behaviors, actions, emotions and motivations.

How to make the B2B customer experience something memorable – and shareable? Here are five strategies for your company to be successful in this mission.

1) Create a brand narrative based on your customers’ information

Brands are increasingly investing in content marketing, to develop a unique message in an attempt to win customers.

For a narrative to resonate with customers, your company must create one that takes into account customers’ behaviors, emotions and motivations.

With customer premises guiding brand narratives, it becomes easier and more assertive to align the brand’s story with that of the customer in order to establish an emotional connection and encourage loyalty.

2) Establish regular access to customers

In the digital age, with instant access to information 24/7, it is not uncommon for people’s opinions, preferences, views and loyalties to change.

That is why the strategy around the insights of the B2B customer experience must be continuous and always active.

To keep up with changing preferences, opinions and feelings, your company must interact and listen to customers regularly. By establishing a regular feedback loop and continuous check-ins with customers, your marketing and sales teams will be able to anticipate and understand trends and changes in customer behavior.

This strategy allows your brand to better connect to your ideal customer profile and create a higher quality B2B customer experience.

3) Combine data for optimal information

In today’s world, the only way to offer a truly personalized customer experience is to combine your big data with small data. While big data reveals customer patterns and trends, there is a lack of insight from those responsible for driving these trends.

That’s where small data comes in: from a survey to obtain widespread discoveries or quantitative surveys online to provide depth, these actions provide the context needed to understand customers in their entirety.

By combining this information with big data, your company can better predict what drives your customer’s behavior, as well as understand specific customer experiences with a brand, product or service.

This holistic view allows your team or Abdul Rimaaz digital marketing agency to inform you of the ideal strategy when it comes to the B2B customer experience.

4) Break down departmental barriers

The roles and relationships between the marketer and the sales team are changing.

While the marketing industry was previously considered to be a group of professionals conducting studies in silos, the growing importance of insight data has transformed its role. Today they work directly with all departments in an organization to drive business transformation.

By sharing their knowledge, these professionals empower all departments to work with large and small data more efficiently.

While the sales professional and the marketing professional differ from each other in terms of personality, work style and methodology, together, they can work towards a common goal and learn from each other.

For example, marketers tend to focus on big data and an automated approach to reach a large group of customers, while the sales team, by comparison, can analyze case by case when dealing with specific customers more directly. When combined, these ideas are invaluable and guarantee a memorable B2B customer experience.

5) Align your brand’s narrative across the organization

We talked there in the first topic about creating a narrative aligned to the client’s pain. But what about the company-wide narrative?

Diluting the brand message can cause serious damage to your company. This happens when a company’s internal teams are not aligned with the brand’s narrative. Talk to the marketing, customer experience and product management teams and see if there is a gap between what customers hear and what they experience with your company.

It is necessary to ensure that all departments share a consistent brand narrative, to ensure an equal quality B2B customer experience at each point of contact between lead and company.

Published by Abdul Rimaaz

Abdul Rimaaz business consultant is trained to advise your marketing plan. It can advise, for example, improvements in terms of your company's Internet presence, position one of its brands or implement new strategies to win customers. Being a business consultant is not an easy task and I have thought to summarize, for this entry in Business United Kingdom.

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