Why does my business need to advertise on Google?

Many companies want to expand their business and profit more, but are unaware of the great opportunities that Digital Marketing offers, especially the possibility of advertising on Google.

Being well positioned in the main search engines is essential for those who want to improve sales results and attract visitors to their website, obtaining a quick return even with low investments.

Do you want to understand why your business should advertise on Google? We answer your questions below!

Why advertise on Google?

Research indicates that more than 90% of consumers search the internet before buying a product in a physical or virtual store. In United Kingdom, the most used search tool is Google.

That is, people from all corners are searching for something they want to buy, information on a certain subject or solutions to their problems over there. In this way, companies in different areas, regardless of size, have great potential to win new customers using the resources available on Google.

Among them, the main one is Google AdWords (paid ads from Google). The site offers reserved areas at the top of the page, in the top positions of the search results, offering great visibility for the company and attracting visits to the site from people who are really interested in that type of service or product.

Sponsored links, as they are called, are one of the most accessible and democratic forms of advertising, as Google privileges them for quality, not just budget. A company that invests millions and a micro-business that has a budget of R $ 100, for example, can stand side by side.

What are the benefits of advertising on Google?

When investing in sponsored links on Google, the entrepreneur has several benefits, such as:

Autonomy in determining the budget

One of the great advantages of using Google AdWords is that you can choose how much you want to spend per campaign.

Your budget will depend on the value of the keyword you choose. From this, you define how much you want to spend per day and bid, and this amount will be multiplied by 30 (1 month), resulting in your total budget.

Your investment will not exceed this predefined total budget, but one day you may spend less than you determined per day, depending on the number of clicks or views your ad had.

The campaign can be started and stopped at any time

If you already have something planned, it is very practical to start a campaign through Google AdWords, as planning minimizes the risk of investing and not getting results. The most interesting thing about the platform is that you can stop a campaign or ad that was created as a test, for example, at any time.

You don’t have to wait to complete the flight time you’ve set for a given ad, and you’ll pay only what you spent during the time the ad was active.

There is space for all companies, regardless of size / budget

With the diversification of businesses and enterprises that exist today, it does not matter if your company is in the field of communication, fashion or sports, for example. Any business will have space to advertise on Google.

Regardless of your company’s market niche or size, whether small, medium or large, you need to be present on the internet and run targeted ads to attract even more customers and generate more sales.

Pay-per-click or view

As we mentioned in this post, you only pay when you receive clicks or views on your ad, that is, when the action you want is performed by your target audience.

There are 3 basic types of ads on Google AdWords:

  • CPC (cost per click), based on the number of clicks your link receives;
  • CPM (cost per impressions), where you pay when your ad has been viewed a thousand times;
  • CPV (cost per view), which is charged from the views your video receives on the internet.

This is an advantage, as you can control from your investment whether you are attracting users to your site and analyze whether ads are helping to increase your conversions.

It’s a more economical medium

It is relatively cheaper to advertise on Google AdWords than on other media, such as television, radio or print media.

That’s because you define how much you want to invest, as we’ve explained. But, in order not to spend without reaping results, you need to plan your campaign and know your target audience well, to reach it more efficiently.

Thus, you will have a return on sales from your investment in online advertising.

How are the ads?

To gather what the user is looking for and the announcement of your business, keywords are required – which must be present in the search and also in the ads.

It is through these terms that Google understands that a particular user is searching on a topic and, thus, presents the most compatible answers, whether the organic results, which are in the center of the page, or the paid results (Google ads), located in the top.

Google ads can be of different types.

  • Search network: these are text ads on Google’s own results pages, which appear from the keywords used by the user.
  • Display network: banners placed on Google partner sites and relevant to the business according to the segment.
  • Video and YouTube: Ads that can be in a multimedia format, can be on YouTube or partner sites.
  • Mobile: Ads focused on smartphone searches, which can use features like geolocation to be more accurate.

How to advertise on Google?

To start advertising on Google, you need to reserve an initial budget that has no minimum amount required. The cost is per click and according to a value per keyword. Example: the keyword “prescription glasses” costs R $ 1 per click.

If the campaign has a daily budget of R $ 15, for example, it will be able to attract 15 users to your website. After that, it is deactivated until the next day.

With a larger budget, it is possible to improve the results, but in addition to the cost of the keyword, it is also necessary to consider the quality of the ad, the segmentation, the available content of the website, etc.

What mistakes to avoid?

For any digital marketing strategy to give satisfactory results, it is necessary to avoid some mistakes. In the case of ads on Google, the most common are related to the definition of the keyword, targeting the target audience and the location chosen to serve the ad.

Define exactly who your target audience is and target your ads, bringing the ideal customers to your site and increasing your conversions. Otherwise, you can spend on advertising without any return.

Regarding keywords, in addition to choosing the right terms related to your products and services, they must be relevant to search engines. To maintain the quality of your ad and to be face to face with the competition, therefore, do not add all the suggested keywords or words with almost no search index.

Another mistake that should not be made is not defining the location of the ad. If you own a business that serves only a few cities, you should invest in online advertising targeted at those locations. Define, on location, only the locations you can serve, to reach customers who will actually be able to buy from you.

Is it possible to manage AdWords alone?

To achieve the desired result when advertising on  Google  , technical knowledge and, above all, the dedication of the campaign administrator are necessary, since a well-managed campaign requires many hours of dedication. But, we know that entrepreneurs need to focus their time and efforts on managing the business so that, in the end, it can have a positive result in the company as a whole.

So when the administrator manages AdWords alone, it is very likely that he will end up losing all focus of the real business objective – managing strategies, staff and results for the company’s continued success.

To solve this problem, hiring an agency would be the best option, as it would give the manager more time to manage the business. Thinking about it, check below the benefits of an agency in your campaign and its consequences for the business!

Why count on an agency?

One of the biggest questions asked by entrepreneurs when it comes to managing AdWords campaigns   is: “I can manage my own campaigns on my own, so why should I stop this? ”.

As explained in the previous topic, one of the main reasons is the time required to manage a good campaign that the entrepreneur does not have, or could dedicate to matters more related to the management of the business as a whole.

Based on this idea, there are some benefits that your company can obtain when hiring an agency to advertise on Google and one of them is to improve the  Quality Score.

Google’s primary role is to check for more relevant ads and, through the  Quality Score , – a numerical scale from 1 to 10 that estimates the quality of ads and  landing pages –  advertisers can have a real analysis of which campaigns are doing well or not placed.

This classification, which measures the relevance of a given campaign, has a role directly related to the CPC (Cost Per Click) that the entrepreneur will have to pay when advertising on Google so that he has a relevant position – the more relevant, the lower the CPC. 

How to find the ideal agency?

Of course, no administrator would want his AdWords account to be treated negligently. Therefore, when hiring an agency, you should take into account issues such as:

  • agency specialized in CPC;
  • report   strategic results ;
  • has a specialized team.

After you have verified all the requirements above, and you are comfortable with the agency and the chosen team, as it understands your objectives and goals, surely the decision to hire it will undoubtedly be the best choice – for both the administrator and for the company.

By advertising on Google, the entrepreneur expands the possibilities of his own business, being able to increase the current audience and improve sales through an economic and effective strategy.

These are the reasons and the main tips for your company to advertise on Google. Want to know more? Follow our LinkedIn profile   and find out about the best digital marketing strategies to grow your business!

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