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The advantages of mobile marketing for business

The mobile marketing  reaches a wider market because  smartphones and tablets  are cheaper, easier and more portable than traditional PCs and laptops. This means that people who previously were unable to be online are no longer limited by financial, geographic or technological barriers.

Let’s see in brief, some of the main advantages linked to the use of the smartphone as a communication tool for marketing promotion and business development.

Instant results

We always carry our mobile phone such as wallet or keys with us, we never leave the house without them. And, most of the time, our cell phone is on, which means we  get the message the moment it’s sent . This allows you to use mobile strategies to send marketing messages.

Convenient to use

This medium also makes it easier to deliver marketing incentive promotions and services to users. You can keep this information handy until you need to use it. For example, we can download a coupon to our phone and then show that coupon at the checkout – without an internet connection – to receive the discount.

Since the screen size of a mobile phone is small, it limits the scope of the content that can be displayed. This makes it convenient for content creators, who can keep it simple and basic. In addition, simpler content will adapt better to various mobile platforms.

Response monitoring

The user’s response can be traced almost instantly. Mobile marketing is an effective way to collect user data.  Databases that use phone numbers, such as unique IDs, are more effective, since many people typically keep their phone numbers for a longer period of time, unlike their email addresses. This helps the mobile advertiser to better understand and  analyze user behavior  and create the image of our target. The  profiling is one of the most important actions of marketing : the right message to the right person on the instrument where it is more likely to receive him.

Huge viral potential

The ‘ domino effect . Since mobile content can be easily shared among users,  mobile marketing increases the potential for virality of a content . Users will likely share good information and offers with their friends and family, so businesses get a lot more exposure without extra effort.

Mass communication is easy

Since many more people own mobile phones than desktops or laptops, mobile marketing helps the marketer  reach a much larger and more diverse audience, via SMS or push notifications .

Mobile marketing also offers the benefit of targeting features.  You can geotarget by sending location-specific messages to those using GPS and Bluetooth technology or demographic targeting, so you can reach the right audience via age and gender information.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, have literally put the power of influence in the hands of ordinary people. From moms to bloggers, to people who like dog and food photos, anyone can be an influencer. This makes these channels particularly attractive for products and services to be promoted.

Mobile payment

Mobile payment is particularly convenient for users who are now used to using the smartphone as an operating tool. Users are offered a secure online payment environment, which works through advanced mobile web systems. This means that the user does not need to have physical currency every time they want to make a purchase or pay a bill online.

It becomes understandable how necessary it is to keep these advantages in mind when planning a marketing strategy for your business, especially when deciding where and how to invest your spending budget.

It should never be forgotten that marketing is a corporate asset  and therefore, it must be approached with good  advice , method and integrating in the strategy, all the necessary resources on the basis of a deep knowledge of the market, changes and the most effective tools.

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Abdul Rimaaz business consultant is trained to advise your marketing plan. It can advise, for example, improvements in terms of your company's Internet presence, position one of its brands or implement new strategies to win customers. Being a business consultant is not an easy task and I have thought to summarize, for this entry in Business United Kingdom.

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