Digital Menu: How to Create It for Your Restaurant

Digital Menu: How to Create It for Your Restaurant

If you have a restaurant, a bistro, a bar or a small coffee shop, you can no longer do without the digital menu. Find out more on the SME Blog.

For restaurants, bars and any catering business open to the public, the digital menu has become a real need. Not only does it respond to an unstoppable digitalization process: the pandemic, with all the related security measures, has forced restaurateurs & co. to rethink the traditional menu.

The menu can no longer be passed from hand to hand, from table to table: it would need to be sanitized every time, and the risk of contagion is high. There are those who have chosen to make disposable menus , but this is an expensive option. And there are those who opted for the digital menu instead . We explain why this option is the best, and how to create the perfect digital menu.

The rules for creating a digital menu

To create a digital menu it is necessary to use an ad hoc program. The best is Adobe Illustrator, but Powerpoint and Google Slides can work too.

You create a new project, choose the format (ideally 1920 x 180 px), make sure the color is set to the RGB option, and start the design. The customization possibilities are very high and, if you are not familiar with graphics programs, you can always commission it to an expert.

If instead you want to proceed independently, it is essential that the digital menu is consistent with the image of your restaurant . It must contain the logo, and have background colors that go well with it. Inserting photographs of the dishes (perhaps only of their own specialties, or of the creations that are the fruit of the chef’s imagination that the customer can hardly know) is a good choice, but only if the images are of quality.

The font (the character of the writing) is very important. It will have to be chosen on the basis of the type of your place: an elegant italics would definitely clash with a pub! To get an idea, you can browse through the hundreds of options offered by Google Fonts. Once the menu is well written and paginated, it is saved and downloaded. At that point, you can put it on the restaurant’s website , on your social networks, or maybe project it on the TV inside your restaurant.

The importance of the QR code

The QR code is a fundamental element of a digital menu. If a small support is placed on each table with the QR code inside, the customer can photograph it with his smartphone and thus view the digital menu of the restaurant / bar directly on his screen , so as to choose the dishes in complete safety.

Furthermore, a digital menu can be much more than a system for ordering dishes. For example, you can insert a “subscribe” button to collect your customers’ e-mail addresses to create a solid database. In addition, you can insert incentives (very popular especially for takeaway restaurants): by registering, for each order you accumulate points and upon reaching a certain number you will get a discount code or a free drink or other benefits.

Therefore, beyond the pandemic, the digital menu becomes an important marketing tool for your restaurant.

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