Supplementary Insurance

Unforeseen events are hypotheses of an uncertain future. How many doubts do you have? How can you protect your family and your standard of living? The forms of supplementary insurance are the right answer to find the serenity you deserve after years of work and sacrifices.

I believe you too, are beginning to understand that public welfare is evolving. Often, it may not guarantee a decent future. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed in time:

What will your pension be?

What can you do to ensure a peaceful old age?

How can you keep yourself safe from the unexpected?

Pension consulting offers are expanding, but often these are marketing campaigns promoted by banks and insurance companies . Quick solutions to offer an “extra” service. There is no care for the customer, they are aimed at satisfying the interests of those who propose them.

So what can you do?

How can you be sure that your choice will guarantee you the future you deserve?

There is much, too much confusion between banks and insurance companies. Yet, you have to do something, because life is unpredictable and it can happen that a sudden event negatively affects the economic and psychological well-being of both you and your family.

So, we need to make a distinction and closely analyze each situation.

Supplementary insurance

Supplementary insurance allows you to protect yourself by identifying the potential risks you are exposed to and calculating the impact they may have on your standard of living. It is necessary to evaluate the most rational and economic choice between the risks you can bear and those you can cover by investing in the right supplementary insurance for you.

I help you plan and search for the most suitable insurance coverage proposal, both in contractual and economic terms. You have a financial advisor working for you, with no conflict of interest. I work to advise you on the right path in the forest of offers and proclamations from insurance companies and banks.

The situation related to social security is different.

Retirement provision

Thinking about a supplementary pension is an action to be taken as soon as possible, to guarantee you a peaceful future. But who should you turn to? Who can guarantee you an integrated and safe pension plan?

Together with you, I can evaluate the public pension perspective . I recommend all the ways to maximize it through possible reunions, voluntary contributions, etc.

I evaluate for you all the forms of integrated pension that you may have already stipulated, perhaps because pressured by advertising or banking consultants. Often, these are questionable solutions from a cost and yield point of view. So, let’s think about all the pension coverage tools necessary to guarantee you the future you want . I orient you towards all financial and tax regulations , to make you choose with awareness. Finally, I accompany you over time, to monitor the overall pension position , between public and supplementary, adopting all the necessary precautions in the event of changes or adjustments.

Knowing how to choose a supplementary insurance and a pension plan means protecting you and your family.

Supplementary insurance: protect your investments, secure your future

As an independent Financial Advisor I can guarantee you the serenity of thoughtful choices . I monitor that everything is proceeding in the best way. This is precisely the meaning of the right investment: to have a professional next to you who has your peace of mind as the sole purpose and manages for you:

Accumulation Plans.

Practices relating to any rentals – Safe Rental.

I manage the compromises.

The choice of prepaid cards with travel insurance and medical expenses.

Don’t get trapped in bad choices that can jeopardize your future. Every financial and insurance action must be weighted to save, specify why it is the most suitable for you, and monitored to make it the best choice over time.

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